The pragmatic web framework for .NET

RailPhase is a modern web framework for .NET.
It borrows some of the concepts from other frameworks like Ruby on Rails, but gives you full control over the application without enforcing any design patterns.

RailPhase is…

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Familiar Model-View-Controller concept

Have you worked with frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Django, or Sails.js before?
Then RailPhase will feel familiar to you.

In contrast to some other frameworks, you keep full control over the application architecture. Even the Model-View-Controller concept is optional.

var app = new App();
app.AddUrl("/", (request) => "Hello");

Powerful template system

RailPhase uses a template syntax compatible with Django's template system. Templates are precompiled into .NET code, resulting in extremely fast page rendering.

This separation of logic and content is optional: You can use full C# code in templates, and you also place content in your code files.

<div class="article-meta">
Posted on {{date}}
{% if has_author %}
by {{author}}
{% endif %}

Entity Framework and LINQ

RailPhase ships with a model system that is based on Entity Framework, which means that it integrates well with other .NET libraries and allows you to use LINQ queries.

posts = from article in Article.Objects
        where article.Author == user
        orderby article.Date
        select article;